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Random on Steam - Episode 3 - Steam Rails to Riches

Welcome to Random on Steam , this will be a look at a random game on the steam store, using a random number generator to choose the page and the game on the selected page. The store page will be sorted by date with the newest being on page 1, while the oldest will be on page 857 the current highest page number as of the 14 th of April 2018. This is in no way a review of any kind and only a showcase of the various games that are available on Steam, these could be excellent, good, average, bad or down right abysmal games. So to the random number generation we have page 356 and of the 25 games listed on this page we have number 6 which is, Steam Rails to Riches, just goes to show how bad Steam is, this game was only released on the 25 th of March 2017, since then there has been nearly 9000 games released on Steam as of the 14 th of April 2018.         Steam Rails to Riches is the latest adaption of the 2009 released tactical/ strategy board game designed by Martin Wallac

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